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Fees & Disbursements

Processing Fees

The fees applicable under the programme are stated in the table below. Ten percent (10%) of the processing  fee is payable (and non‐refundable) upon submission of an application with the balance due following receipt of an approval letter sent to the authorised agent who submitted the application. A processing fee is charged for each family member as prescribed below.

Due Diligence Fee

All applications are subject to rigorous due diligence to ensure that only meritorious applicants are granted citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda. The due diligence fee is charged for each family member above the age of 11 years as prescribed in the table below. The due diligence fee is payable upon submission of the application by the appointed agent and is non‐refundable.

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Passport Fee

Each family member is required to pay such sums as are prescribed for the extraction of an Antigua and Barbuda Passport from the Passport Office.

Schedule of Fees under the Citizenship By Investment Programme


Government Processing fee – Principal Applicant                            $25,000

Government Processing fee – Family of Four Persons                     $25,000

Due diligence fee – Principal Applicant                                              $7,500

Due diligence fee – Spouse                                                                   $7,500

Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 0‐11                               $0

Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 12‐17                             $2,000

Due diligence fee – Dependent child aged 18‐25                             $4,000

Due diligence fee – Dependent parent aged over 65                       $4,000

Note: Government Processing Fee

for a family of five or  more                                                    $25,000.00 + US$15,000.00 For each additional member over 4 members

It is important to note that some countries are restricted from the programme, namely:

  • Afghanistan

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • North Korea

  • Somalia

  • Yemen

  • Sudan

Persons from the above Restricted Countries may be allowed to applyonly if they establish that before the age of 18 years they had migrated from the Restricted Countries and they  are:

  1. Lawful Permanent residents of Canada, or

  2. Lawful Permanent residents of the United States of America, or

  3. Lawful Permanent residents of the United Kingdom, or

  4. Lawful Permanent residents of Australia, or

  5. Lawful Permanent residents of New Zealand, or

  6. Lawful Permanent residents of Saudi Arabia, or

  7. Lawful Permanent residents of the United Arab Emirates

For a period of 10 year and maintained no economic ties to any restricted country.

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